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The Mill Hill Burying Ground Part II Part III Part IV Part V
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Epitaph of William Walker, died December 6th, 1768:

Here lyes Interred ye Body of
(Son of the Honorable
REBECCA WALKER of Stratford)
Who departed this life in Norwalk
Decemr. the 6th. A.D. 1768. in ye
20th Year of His Age.
He had just gone thro’ a Course of liberal
Education was a Youth of an amiable Temper
promising Abilities Very dear to his Parents and
Relatives & beloved of all his acquaintance.
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Historical References to Mill Hill’s Burying Ground

From The Ancient Historical Records of Norwalk, Conn.
Edwin Hall, 1847


Page 126:

Burying Ground on Mill Hill.
(Last Monday of December 1767. “At the same meeting the Inhabitants by major vote give and grant all their right and title to the burying place on Whitney’s hill, so called, to ye inhabitants of the First Society.”

From Norwalk After Two Hundred Fifty Years
Norwalk Historical and Memorical Library Association, C.A. Freeman, publisher, 1901


Page 107:

“The burial ground on Mill Hill called Whitney's Hill in the records, after the miller, was opened for the use of members of the First Society (Congregational) in 1767.”

Page 180:


Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Norwalk, Wilton and Westport, Identified by the Norwalk Chapter, D.A.R.


Isaac Betts, 1760-1827, private
John Betts, 1809, private
Jesse Bedient, 1746-1824, private
Jabez Gregory, 1741-1824, captain
Stephen Hoyt, 1762-1827, private
Jarvis Kellogg, 1731-1815, private
Hezekiah Lockwood, 1745-1816, private
Nathan St. John, 1720-1795, private
Enoch Scribner, 1756-1816, sergeant and ensign
Stephen St. John, 1732-1801, private
James Selleck, 1732-1809, private

A General Note about Norwalk’s Cemeteries

As far as can be discovered, there are sixteen (16) cemeteries in Norwalk—three of which are very modern and all data on those buried there can be secured from the city records, these will be listed by name only—and do not have any data entered.

According to age and date established we have

East Main:  Corner East Main and Cemterey Street opposite Van Zant
Over River (Pine Island):  On Crescent Street—adjoining R.R.
Mill Hill:  Corner Post Road and East Avenue
St. Paul’s:  On Post Road corner Westport Avenue
Colonial (5 Mile River):  Rowayton Avenue and ½ mile from R.R. station
*Comstock (or Kellogg):  Corner Ponus and Nursery Avenues
*Bouton:  Witch’s Lane—Wood Road
*Gregory:  Cranberry Hill
Rowayton New Cemetery:  Almost adjoining Colonial
Union:  Adams Street, Norwalk
Raymond:  Raymond Avenue at Church, Rowayton
Riverside:  On New Canaan Road, Norwalk
*Mathers:  On Stephen Mathers Road—West Norwalk
     New and not copied
Jewish:  In West Norwalk
St. Marys Catholic:  In West Norwalk
Catholic:  Near New Canaan Avenue and R.R. crossing.
*Graveyards are private cemeteries, no longer used.

In 1868 there was a small private cemetery on what is now Tisdale Lane, at corner of Fair Street.  All stones are now broken up and thrown away.  It has been stated that a number bore the name of Gregory.

– Madeleine Eckert

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