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The Mill Hill Burying Ground Part I Part II Part IV Part V
  Part III      



Transcribed and edited by Madeleine Eckert on December 1, 2006

This listing of those buried in the Mill Hill Burying Ground was recorded in 1924.  Therefore, only those headstones that were visible and readable were recorded. Also, in the Colonial Period, less than a third of burials were marked with an inscribed headstone. Often, a simple rock was used. Some errors may have occurred when the compiler initially copied the information, or from typographical errors created when transcribing the original printed or microfilmed documentation into the present format. If the person you are looking for is not on this list, it does not mean that they are not buried at Mill Hill. If you have information that someone is buried at Mill Hill but is not on our list, please let us know at

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE 1:  Approximately 180-185 Graveyard Records
TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE 2:  Names have been transcribed exactly as spelled in the original document. 
TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE 3:  Spelled out each last name in full, the word “died” for d., “wife” for w., “son” for s., “daughter” for dau., etc.
11 names referenced with “Rev. S.,” “Rev” or “rev”

  1. Badient (aka Bedient), Jesse (Rev. S.)  died 3/4/1821 aged 76
  2. Betts, Isaac (Rev) died 10/21/1824 aged 67
  3. Betts, John (Rev)  died 6/8/180(7?) in 73rd yr
  4. Burnett, ------ (rev)  died -----
    late minister of Christ Church  illegible
  5. Kellogg, Jarvis (Rev)  died 3/31/18(15?)  aged 84
  6. Lockwood, Hezekiah (Rev)  died 7/-?/1816 aged 61
  7. Scribner, Enoch (Rev)  died 9/21/1816 aged 66
  8. Selleck, James (rev)  died 3/2/1809 aged 67
  9. Selleck, Hezekiah (son) (rev?)  died 1/2/1801 aged 34
  10. St. John, Nathan (Rev)  died 6/10/1793 aged 73 yrs
  11. St. John, Stephen (Rev)  died 7/23/1801 in 69th yr



Mill Hill Cemetery
Collected May 1934 by Lester Card

Poor condition.  Was mowed by unemployed summer 1934.

Akin, Charles B.  died 3/13/1849 aged 24-10-21

Abbott, John  died 1/6/1804 aged 76-10

Badient, Jesse (Rev. S.)  died 3/4/1821 aged 76
Badient, Sarah (wife)  died 2/15/1821 aged 69
Badient  See also Bedient

Baldwin, Hannah  died 5/30/1823 aged 20-10-13

Bedient, Jesse  died 3/1/1821 aged 70 or 76
his death date may be 3/7/1827 or any combination, very much eroded.
Bedient, Sarah (wife)  died 2/15/1821(4?) aged 69

Beers, Nathan  died 10/9/1822 aged 77-0-20
Beers, Nathan  died 6/16/1805 in 88th yr

Benedict, William  died 9/2/1821 aged 67
Benedict, Nancy (wife)  died 9/--/1833(8?) aged 78
Benedict, Esther (wife Jesse)  died 8/4/1802 aged 59
Benedict, Mary  died 6/21/1818 aged 78-1-
Benedict, Mar--- (daughter Wm and B---)  died 1/--/1800 aged 1?????
almost illegible
Benedict, Seth  died 10/13/1764 aged 39-4-

Betts, Hannah (wife Wm B.)  died 6/11/1842 aged 33-11-2
daughter James Griffith
Betts, Isaac (Rev) died 10/21/1824 aged 67
Betts, Polly (wife)  died 5/13/1832 aged 66
Betts, Joseph  died 5/19/1760 in 43rd yr
Betts, Mary (daughter Thaddeus and Elizabeth) married Daniel Platt
Betts, Mary (wife Justus)  died 7/1/1828 in 60th yr
Betts, Joseph  died 4/3/1813 aged 49
Betts, Thaddeus  died 3/22/1807 in 83rd yr
Betts, Helena (wife)  died 3/23/1825 in 95th yr
Betts, John (Rev)  died 6/8/180(7?) in 73rd yr
Betts, Esther (daughter John and Sarah)  died 9/30/1805 aged 19
Betts, Joseph  died 5/19/1760 in 43rd yr

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(Page 75)

Betts, John (eldest son Peter and Sarah)  died 4/8/1788 in 24th yr
Betts, Elizabeth Maltbie (wife Thaddeus)  born 3/--/1720  died 2/8/1763
Betts, Mary Platt (wife William)  died 3/19/1799 in 18th yr
Betts, Mary (daughter John and Demaris) married Samuel Hatton

Brown, Angeline (wife John)  died 6/17/1832 aged 20
daughter  John and Jane Hyatt
Brown, George  died 9/9/1833 aged 31-0-22

Buller, Susan  died 3/13/1824 aged 18-8-15

Burnett, ------ (rev)  died -----
late minister of Christ Church  illegible
Burnett, Ann (wife ?)  died
illegible except her name and figure 9
Burnett, John (son Matthew and Ann)  died 6/2/1801 aged 19-5-
Burnett, James (son of Matthew and Ann)  died 12/4/1806 aged 27-10-28

Burrall (name may be Burratt or Burnatt or similar in some cases)
Burrall, Samuel  died 3/15/1827 aged 65 yr
Burrall, Deborah (wife)  died 3/12/1823 aged 62
Burrall, Jonathan  died 9/4/1772 in 51st yr
Burrall, Theophilus  died 1/1/1772 in 24th yr

Carter, A. Hyatt  died 3/17/18(33?) ? 17 mos ?
adopted son of Joseph and Jane Carter

Comstock, Anna (daughter Caleb)  died 1/24/1806 aged 2
Comstock, Moses  died 1/8/1766 in 82nd yr
Comstock, Sarah  died 2/11/1796 in 70th yr
Comstock, Mrs. Abigail (no other record on stone)

C????? P. (a foot stone along side of Abigail)

Crossman, David  died 10/15/1812 aged 64
Crossman, Deborah  died 7/9/1828 aged 68
Crossman, Elisha (son David and Sarah)  died 4/1/1810 aged --- yr
Crossman, Lewis (son James and Esther)  died 3/18/1834 aged 2-5-10

Downs, Hannah (wife Walcott)  died 5/19/1809 in 37 yr

Ed--?--, Abigail (wife ???)  died ?/??/1841 aged ??
all that could be read

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(Page 76)

Eells, Ruth (daughter James B. and Ruth)  died 9/23/1823 aged 0-2-
Eells, Henry (son James B. and Ruth)  died 1/12/1825 aged 0-4-
Eells, Lt. James B. (son Beard and Patty)  died 10/20/1826 aged 26
Eells, Patty (wife Beard)  died 7/1/1848 aged 75-3-21
Eells, Elizabeth (daughter) married Ebenezer Kennedy

Frary, Eleazer (from Massachusetts)  died 9/23/182(6?) aged 28

Gibb, -----? (infant of Horace and Julia Ann) died 1/13/1818 aged 1-10-

Gregory, Ebenezer  died 5/30/1760 in 72nd yr

Griffith, James  died 3/2/1829 aged 49
Griffith, Sarah (wife)  died 8/31/1848 aged 74-7-7
Griffith, Hannah (daughter) married William B. Betts
Griffith, William Truman (son Henry B. and Louisa)   died 12/16/1832 aged 0-3-
Griffith, George Reed (son Henry B. and Louisa)  died 1/5/1832 aged 1-8-
Griffith, Henry Francis (son Henry B. and Louisa)  died 10/3/1831 aged 1-6-

Grummon (Grumman), Betsy  died 10/25/1839 aged 81-0-9
Grummon, -----? (illegible)  died 9/17/180? In 7? Yr
Grummon, Mary  died 2/13/1801 in 73rd yr
Grummon, Sarah  died 2/17/1839 aged 82-1-2
Grummon, Samuel  died 1/11/1804 aged 79
Grummon, Elizabeth (wife)  died 9/10/1795 aged 73

Halsey, Maria B. (wife William H.)  died 4/8/1842 aged 23-6-3
Halsey, Maria M.  died 8/10/1841 aged 0-11-21

Hanford, John  died 9/4/1825 aged 86
Hanford, Meribah (wife)  died 3/14/1825 aged 80
Hanford, Charles  died 7/28/1828 aged 42
Hanford, Daniel (son Charles)  died 9/8/1828 aged 6

Hatton, Mary (widow Samuel)  died 8/24/1808 aged 81
daughter John and Demaris Betts

Hedenberg, Jane (wife Francis)  died 11/25/1824 aged 22-11-17

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(Page 77)

Hoyt, Uriah  died 2/5/1828 aged 15
Hoyt, Betsy (widow ???)  died ???

Hyatt, Angeline (daughter John and Jane) married John Brown --- see
Hyatt, John  died 7/2/1827 in 68th yr
Hyatt, Joseph (son James and Laura)  died 10/31/1838 aged 3-7-8
Hyatt, John Styles (son James and Laura)  died 1/18/1832 aged 3-0-12
Hyatt, Delia Louise (daughter James and Laura)  died 2/16/1832 aged 4-7-12
Hyatt, Charles (son Horace and Mary E.)  died 12/29/1842 aged 1-1-1
Hyatt, A--- (adopted son of Joseph and Jane Carter)  died 3/17/18(33?) aged 17? Mos

James, Daniel  died 8/28/1843(?) in 70th yr
James, Mary (wife)  died 3? or 5?/13/1829  ---

Kellogg, Daniel  died 12/2/176(2?) in 64th yr
Kellogg, Eunice (wife)  died 11/10/1767 in 64th yr
Kellogg, Jarvis  died 7/18/1831 aged 64
Kellogg, Mercy (wife) died 4/23/1850 aged 79-10-11
Kellogg, Jarvis (Rev)  died 3/31/18(15?)  aged 84
Kellogg, Hannah (wife)  died 6/19/1832 aged 89
Kellogg, Frances (wife Charles)  died 4/1/1833 aged 26
Kellogg, Jane (wife Martin)  died 2/17/1840 aged 30? (or 39?)
Kellogg, Epenetus  died 6/19/1774 in 56th yr
Kellogg, Jemima (wife)  died 6/9/1789 in 71st yr
Kellogg, Lydia (daughter)  died 5/7/1779 in 17th yr

Knapp, Charlotte Amanda (wife Edwin)  died 10/8/1849 aged 22-11-13
Knapp, Oscar (son)  died 1/7/1850 aged 0-4-4

Lockwood, Eliphalet  died 10/14/1753 aged 78
Lockwood, Mary (wife)  died 3/6/176? in 89th yr
Lockwood, Susanna (eldest daughter Eliphalet)  died 12/18/1795 aged 21? yrs
Lockwood, No--? (son Eliphalet and Susan)  died illegible

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(Page 78)

Lockwood, Abigail (daughter Eliphalet and Susan)  died 11/16/1794 aged 18
Lockwood, Hezekiah (Rev)  died 7/-?/1816 aged 61
Lockwood, C--- (wife)  illegible  died 6/10/1827 aged 67-10-
Lock----, Eben  died --/7/18--? aged 97
badly eroded name doubtful—date may be 1811 or 1844
Lock----, ----------, --Eben
red stone—badly flaked.  Probably wife of Eben
Lockwood, Deacon Joseph  died 11/23/1760 in 81st yr
Lockwood, Joseph  died 7/20/1773 in 63rd yr
Lockwood, Rebecca (wife)  died 9/25/1775 aged 59
Lockwood, Ruth (daughter Joseph)  died 11/14/1774 in 33rd yr
Lockwood, Martha (wife Daniel)  died 5/24/18(43?) aged 72
Lockwood, Alfred and Edwin Vault  1840

Meeker, Joseph S.  died 11/2/1846 aged 70-5-
Meeker, Rebecca (wife)  sunken stone

Middlemarks, Charles (son Betsy)  died 11/17/1817 aged 7

Platt, John  died 7/4/1771 in 70th yr
Platt, Justus (son John and Sarah)  died 2/19/1775 aged 16-8-
Platt, Mary Betts (wife Daniel)  sunken stone
daughter Thaddeus and Elizabeth Betts
Platt, Justus (son Samuel and Ann)  died 8/22/1764 aged (6-8-5??)

Rogers, Uriah, M.D.  died 5/6/1773 aged 63
Rogers, Elizabeth (wife Uriah)  died 10/23/18(46 or 16) aged 94
Rogers, Uriah  died 12/23/1776 aged ?

Rundy, Elizabeth (wife Ebenezer)  died 11/19/1826 aged ?
daughter Beard and Patty Eells

R. R.  (foot stone – head stone vanished)

Sage, Kenneth  died 3/19/1837  aged 53-1-3

Scofield, Samuel  died 10/31/1850 aged 48-0-11
Scofield, Rufus  died 3/4/1825 aged 48-11-2
Scofield, Mary (wife) (data from newspaper)  died 9/2/1823 aged 43
stone almost unreadable as to date and age.

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(Page 79)

Scribner, Mary  died 4/30/1810 in 89th yr
Scribner, Jeremiah  died 8/6/1780 in (65?) yr
Scribner, Marien (wife Matthew)  died 6/3/1813 aged 93
Scribner, Enoch (Rev)  died 9/21/1816 aged 66
Scribner, Betty (wife)  died 4/20/1835 aged 78
Scribner, Charles (son)  died 1/30/1801 in 8th yr

Selleck, Mary  died illegible looks like 1812
Selleck, Charlotte  died 1/17/1806 aged 20
Selleck, James (rev)  died 3/2/1809 aged 67
Selleck, Sarah (wife)  died 8/14/1793 in (50?) yr
Selleck, Hezekiah (son) (rev?)  died 1/2/1801 aged 34
Selleck, Sarah (wife James) died 7/21/1810 aged 39

Sherman, Taylor  died 5/13/18(15? 13?) aged 54

St. John, James  died 5/20/1754 aged 86 yr
St. John, Moses  died --/29/1787 -----?
St. John, Nathan (Rev)  died 6/10/1793 aged 73 yrs
St. John, Louise (wife)  died 2/21/1808 aged 88 yrs
St. John, Jennie (daughter)  died 2/13/1791  aged 39-9-1
St. John, David  died 6/6/1840 aged 77-9-2
St. John, Jonathan (son Jonathan and Mary)  died 5/12/1795 aged 1-6-
St. John, Stephen (Rev)  died 7/23/1801 in 69th yr
St. John, Sarah (wife)  died 3/2/1807 in 73rd yr
St. John, Josiah  died 5/22/1830 aged 86
St. John, Mary (wife)  died 12/26/1822 in 70th yr
St. John, Jemima (daughter Nathan and Lois)  died 2/13/1791 aged 39-9-1
St. John, Samuel  died 10/12/1779 in 81st yr
St. John, Eunice (wife) died 9/17/1762 aged 63

Smith, Abigail (wife Josiah)  died 9/3/1834 aged 72

Swan, -----     illegible
first letter looks somewhat like “M”

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(Page 80)

Swan, Harriet P.  born 2/21/1812  died 10/8/18(44?) or 5??
Swan, W------ P.  born 7/7/1818  died  1/24/1819

Taylor, Albenda (wife Daniel)  died 3/15/1849 aged 40-6-9
Taylor, Augustus (son)  died 3/--/1814 aged ?

Ufford (?), Lottie  died 4/1/1839 aged 0-5-19
daughter Dixon and Harriet R.

Vanderbilt, Oliver  died 9/2/1840 aged 28-7-14
Vanderbilt, Corn-----  died 10/7/1840 aged 25-5-
Vanderbilt, -----mond  died --/--/1811? Aged 65?--29

Weeks, Susan (wife Stephen)  died 8/20/1829 aged 69

Wasson, Samuel  died 4/10/1839 aged 66
Wasson, Lucretia (daughter Robert and Sarah)  died 2/25/1800 aged 18-0-6

Williams, Lydia  (daughter Thomas and Sarah)  died 11/23/1827 aged 0-7-

Walker, William (son Robert and Rebecca)  died 12/6/1768 aged 20
from Stratford

Willottson, James E. (son of Daniel and Caroline)  died 7/8/1843 aged 4-4-

Wilcox, Jeremiah  died 12/1/1836 (age 36?)

Wilcox, Nathan E.  died 6/10/1850 aged 32
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