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Norwalk Historical Society
Mill Hill Historic Park
2 East Wall Street
Norwalk, Connecticut 06851 

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1640
Norwalk, CT 06852

Telephone/Fax: (203) 846-0525

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The 1835 Town House (Meeting House), 1828 Schoolhouse (Little Red Schoolhouse),  c.1740 Governor Fitch Law Office and Mill (Town House) Hill burying ground are open to the public during seasonal hours.

Board of Directors

President                               Erik Anderson

Vice-President                       Joseph Giandurco


Secretary                               Jo-Anne Schultz

Suzanne Betts, Madeleine Eckert, Khalaf Jerry, David Westmoreland


Executive Director  – Diane Jellerette

Education Coordinator – Samantha Kulish

Collections Manager – Anna Veccia