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“Norwalk Letterboxing Trail”



What is Letterboxing?

Letterboxing is a treasure hunt style outdoor activity that is similar to geocaching without the use of a GPS.  This is a fun outdoor activity that can be done individually or with a group!

Twelve waterproof  boxes containing a hand carved stamp and log book are hidden in various historic locations in Norwalk. Your job is to follow the clues to each box and mark each box’s log book with an imprint of your own stamp. In return you take the box’s stamp and stamp your clue book.

The box’s logbook keeps a record of all its visitors and you keep a record of all the boxes you have found in your personal logbook.

What should you carry on your letterboxing adventure?

  • Pen or pencil
  • Personal rubber stamp
  • Personal logbook (or the pages you have downloaded and printed with the clues)

What should you do when you have found all 12 letterboxes?

Once you have found all 12 letterboxes and stamped all 12 stamps on the booklet pages or log book, contact the Norwalk Historical Society at info@norwalkhistoricalsociety.org/203-846-0525.  The first 10  people or families to find all 12 will receive a prize!

Note: For 2014,  six letterboxes remain planted.  See below for the ones that are retired.

I want to learn more about letterboxing?

The following web sites are a good source of information about letterboxing:

Norwalk Historical Society’s Letterboxing Clues

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2012 Letterboxing Clues Complete Booklet

For 2014, six letterboxes remain planted. See the list for retired letterboxes.

The Norwalk Letterboxing Committee would like to thank the following people and organizations

David Westmoreland – Board President, Norwalk Historical Society
Norwalk Historical Society Board Members
Michael Mocciae – Director, Norwalk Parks and Recreation
Andrew Pite – General Manager, Riverside Cemetery

2012 Norwalk Letterboxing Commitee

Bonnie Laufer
Diane Jellerette
Samantha Kulish
Diane O’Connor
Rosalie Rinaldi
Anna Ropicki
Ester Stefanidis
Anna Veccia