Life and Times of Julia Belden Lockwood


Lecture: The Life and Times of Julia Belden Lockwood

speaker: Holly Cuzzone

Date: Saturday, March 12, 2016 (snow date: Sunday, March 13, 2016)

Time: 2:00pm

Who was Julia Belden Lockwood?

Born in the late 1800′s, into a prominent family at a time when gender specific roles dictated behavior and women had few liberties. Julia could not vote or work in male dominated fields.  How did Julia, a beautiful, highly educated and well to do woman, shape her life to become a modern day woman and one of Norwalk’s and Pasadena’s best known philanthropist?

Join us for this insightful lecture by local researcher, Holly Cuzzone, celebrating Julia’s life in the Museum she and her cousin, Manice deForest Lockwood, donated the funds to build.  The Museum honors their ancestors, as well as, preserving Norwalk’s rich history.

Admission: Free. Limited seating available, RSVP Required.


Norwalk Historical Society Museum
141 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT
Front entrance from the Norwalk City Hall (125 East Avenue) parking area
Museum is in the red brick building with blue double front doors


About Holly Cuzzone

Lecturer Holly Cuzzone received a M.A. in Biology in 1980 from the City University of New York.  She worked as a neurochemist for the General Foods Corporation before pursuing a career in archeology.  Ms. Cuzzone received her certificate in Archeology as an Avocation from Norwalk Community College in 2003 and received a M.A. degree in Archaeological Studies from Yale University in 2007.  Her field experience includes both prehistoric and historic excavations in New York, Connecticut and South Carolina.  Ms. Cuzzone’s interest in historical research has led to State Nominations of both Pine Island Cemetery and the Gallaher Estate in Cranbury Park, Norwalk, CT.  In partnership with Celia Maddox, Cranbury Park was nominated to the State Registry of Historic Places and the Gallaher Mansion was placed on the National Registry.  Ms. Cuzzone is presently a Norwalk Historical Commissioner and enjoys researching Norwalk’s history and the people who have contributed to Norwalk’s growth.