Norwalk Quilt Trail


A collaborative series of exhibits and events celebrating the art of the quilt
May 13-November 16, 2011

Welcome to the Norwalk Quilt Trail!


The exhibits and programming comprising the Norwalk Quilt Trail was created to bring awareness and appreciation to a form of Americana that combines elements of art, local history and culture.  Approximately, 125 quilts were on display at diverse cultural heritage and tourism sites around the City of Norwalk.  This was the first major collaboration between the city’s museums, which laid the foundation for sharing resources for future projects.

Complimentary programming included lectures by quilt scholars, community quilting bees and workshops.  On quilt discovery days, Norwalk residents brought their quilts for display and documentation.   A major component of the project was the creation of a new Norwalk quilt designed by the children’s illustrator,  Lizzy Rockwell called  Norwalk Has Heart.  The quilt was created by many people throughout the community under the direction  of Peace by Piece, artistic director Lizzy Rockwell.  Peace by Piece is Norwalk’s intergenerational quilt mentoring program, wihch is supported by the Norwalk Childrens Foundation.

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The Norwalk Quilt Trail committee wishes to recognize the generosity of the following organizations and individuals:



  • Gail Wall
  • Paul J. & Alexandra Macaluso, Sr.

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Photo Credit-The Hour

Norwalk Has Heart Quilt unveling on Thursday, November 10, 2011 at the Norwalk Historical Society.  A community quilt created by Peace by Piece w ith assistance from hundreds of local residents of all ages.

Pictured are Peace by Piece quilters with David Westmoreland, Norwalk Historical Society President.  From left: Ernestine Cobb, Anna Veccia, Lizzy Rockwell (quilt designer), Betty Mungo, Rita Phillips, Viola Sears, David Westmoreland and Eisabell Garcia