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Building Plaque Program

Building Plaque Program


Recognizing early Norwalk structures and those who built them

Founded in 1651, Norwalk played a vital part in the early growth of Connecticut and our nation.  Historic buildings of Norwalk are a lasting reminder of this rich history and of the people who lived here. The purpose of the Norwalk Historical Society Building Plaque Program is to call attention to the historic character of our city and give recognition to early buildings such as houses, barns, and stores – and to the people who built them.  Plaques with the official seal of the Norwalk Historical Society are available through the society for Norwalk houses and other buildings which are 80 years and older. To qualify for a plaque, the building must be documented according to the Historical Society procedures and recognizable as a historic building.

Do you have a list of names of homes that have been plaqued?

There are many homes in Norwalk that have the Norwalk Historical Society plaque.

Does a Norwalk Historical Society Plaque restrict any future alterations of the house or building?

No, the purpose of the plaque is to recognize the historic nature of the building and in no way restricts any sort of alteration.

By what means is the date of the house determined?

The dating of the house is done by deed research (and other primary source information) as well as by architectural review.

Jacob St. John House c. 1724

What is the Cost?

The cost of the research report and a plaque is $450. A professional report prepared by the Historical Society includes documented historic research. The white plaque is approximately 10″ wide by 12″ high with the official seal of the Norwalk Historical Society and bears the name and date of the building. This classically designed plaque is a distinctive way of honoring the building and its owners.

How do I apply?

Download Norwalk Historical Society Plaque Application form.





For more information, call 203-846-0525 or email: