About NHS


The Norwalk Historical Society – Established Circa 1890

The Norwalk Historical Society was incorporated in 1899 with the purpose of promoting and encouraging historical research in Norwalk. That vision is kept alive today with the re-establishment of the NHS in 1949 and the continued focus on “the research, preservation, and promotion of interest in the history of Norwalk.”  The NHS  is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, sustained mainly by the generous support of members, donors, grants, program revenues, sponsors and volunteering time in a variety of NHS activities including:

Norwalk’s Mill Hill Historic Park, home of the Norwalk Historical Society

  • Award-winning exhibits like The Firelands: Retribution for the Burning of Norwalk and Angry Waters: The Norwalk Flood of 1955.
  • Our Building Plaque Program, provides recognition and insight into the architectural treasures that stand in our community.
  • For over 40 years, the Little Red Schoolhouse Program has given Norwalk 3rd graders the opportunity to learn about life in early Norwalk.
  • Publications, including the 2005 Commemorative Edition of the Mark Flood Disaster PictorialNorwalk: Being an historical account of that Connecticut town and Norwalk: Images of the Past (2009)  a collaboration with The  Hour newspaper and Norwalk Museum.
  • Events, such as our  4th of July Bell Ringing Ceremony, Civil War Barbecue and Encampment, A Haunting at Mill Hill and An Evening of Historical Proportions fundraiser.
  • Preservation of important Norwalk artifacts such as the “Norwalk, feb’y the 13, 1854”” slipware pie plate.

Our members keep the history of Norwalk alive for generations to come. If you share our vision, please take a moment to join us today.