Exhibits at the Norwalk Historical Society Museum

Caught in the Crosshairs: the Story of the Norden Bombsight

Curator: Judith Bacal

This exhibit explores the history behind the Norden bombsight, an American technological breakthrough during World War II, which enabled the U.S. armed forces to bomb targets with unprecedented precision and accuracy.

During World War II (1939-1945), the bombsight was shrouded in secrecy, but as a part of this exhibit, one of the historic Norden bombsights is on display at the Norwalk Historical Society Museum. This bombsight was donated by the former Northrop Grumman Norden Systems, a business that was part of the Norwalk, CT community for over fifty years from 1961-2013.

Special thanks to those that contributed to the exhibition: Fran DiMeglio, Norden Systems Retirees Club and the Norwalk Library History Room.

Sighthead of a Norden bombsight (in the canvas bag) being taken to a Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan at an Army Air Field in Texas in 1942. The lower portion of the Norden bombsight, called the “stabilizer,” was permanently installed in the nose of the aircraft. In this photo the stabilizer has a canvas cover. The guards are carrying Thompson submachine guns.

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