Exhibits at Mill Hill Historic Park

One Room Schoolhouses:
A History of Education in Norwalk 1650-1870

This exhibit in the 1826 Downtown District Schoolhouse, curated by Dr. Daryn Reyman-Lock and designed by Scott Kuykendall, highlights the early history of education in Norwalk using old photographs, original documents and period textbooks.

In Norwalk’s early years, schools were built, maintained, removed and rebuilt; districts were formed, joined, abolished and rethought. Despite this, standardization of textbooks and curriculum did not exist. In the 1830s, the great educators like Henry Barnard started to reform every aspect of education, stretching even into the school architecture itself. Learn how Barnard’s school reform affected Norwalk.

Mill Hill Historic Park is located at 2 East Wall St., Norwalk, and is open to the public year-round from sunrise to sunset. Mill Hill buildings are open during special events and by appointment for group tours. For more information, please contact the Historical Society at the link below.