WPA Murals

Norwalk’s Hidden Treasures

In partnership with the Norwalk Arts Commission, the Norwalk Historical Society invites you to discover the 31 restored WPA murals at Norwalk City Hall with additional murals at other locations. From 1935 to 1941, WPA artists created more than 50 works of art for Norwalk’s public schools, libraries and post offices.

While much of the WPA art nationally has been lost or destroyed, the murals and panels created for City Hall – the former Norwalk High School – as well as for other public buildings, comprise one of the largest and most important collections of restored Depression-era art in the country. The murals offer a window into our community’s past as well as a connection to the present.

Self-Guided Tours

WPA mural locations are open to the public during regular business hours. An admission fee may apply at some locations.

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Guided Tours

Guided tours for groups and organizations (minimum 6 people): please contact the Norwalk Historical Society to discuss a variety of guided tour options for groups and organizations – 30 minute, 90 minute, half-day, multiple-site, step-on guides, etc. Group tours are $5 per person for the basic 90 minute Norwalk City Hall WPA Mural tour.

Student Programs

Many schools extend the Little Red School House program with a visit to Norwalk City Hall to learn more about town government and the WPA murals. For information on the curriculum, download Norwalk Public Schools’ Third Grade Social Studies & Art Interdisciplinary Unit.

Professional Development

Please contact the Norwalk Historical Society to discuss teacher training possibilities.

Explore Norwalk’s WPA Murals


George Avison

John S. Curry

Justin Gruelle

Arthur Hull

Alexander Rummler

Harry Townsend