Angry Waters

The Norwalk Flood of 1955

Presented by the Norwalk Historical Society

On October 15, 1955 a sudden and unexpected disaster struck the city of Norwalk in the form of a devastating flood. Springing into action, the police and fire departments, along with other emergency crews, rushed to rescue those in danger. Three people lost their lives in the gushing water of the Norwalk River and the city center was swept away. In the days and months to follow the people of Norwalk pulled together to rebuild their city.

Man sitting in Ruined Home | Ferenz Fedor, 1955 | NHS Collection 70.17.48

Here, the story of the Norwalk flood of 1955 is told by those who experienced the disaster firsthand. Fifty years have come and gone, but memories remain vivid in the minds of those who were there.