Main and Wall – the Way it Was, October 14th

Despite the steady rain and whipping wind, Norwalk residents went about their business as usual on Friday, October 14th. On Main and Wall Streets, housewives braved the storm to drop off blinds in need of repair at the Merritt Venetian Blind Company of check out the men’s flannel robes for $4.95 at Genung’s “Value Days Specials.”

By 1955, some folks thought that the area needed rejuvenation. The 19th century buildings were beginning to look a bit old fashioned. City officials were talking about clearing away some of the older “substandard” buildings and creating much needed parking lots. But the area was still a thriving shopping district, the hub of uptown Norwalk. On Friday nights the stores stayed open until 9:00 and people went down after supper to shop and socialize.

On Friday evening, October 14th, the shops stayed open late, but the usual crowd was driven away by the teeming rain. Merchants were relieved to see that the forecast predicted better weather for the next day. The forecast proved to be far from accurate.


“Strong winds, heavy rain tonight, ending Saturday morning: clearing Saturday afternoon, not so cool.”

THE HOUR Weather Forecast
Friday, October 14, 1955

“I remember Friday nights – Main and Wall Streets were crowded with people shipping and walking around. The stores were open late – it was fun – a social time. The sidewalks were so crowded you could hardly walk.”

Bernie Scalisi, 2005