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Sheffield Island Lighthouse Against the Elements: Keeping Warm at the Lighthouse

Sheffield Island Lighthouse, Norwalk CT

Activated in 1868, the Sheffield Island Lighthouse, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was in service for 34 years until its retirement in 1902. Today, Norwalk Seaport Association volunteers maintain the lighthouse and grounds as a museum and nature preserve. Visitors board the Seaport ferry at the Sheffield Island dock adjacent in South Norwalk for a cruise to the island and the lighthouse. During lighthouse tours, visitors can climb into the light tower, where, on clear days, they can see the New York City skyline.

Against the Elements: Keeping Warm at the Lighthouse features a examples of vintage quilts from private collections plus three quilts that are permanently on display in the bedrooms of the 10-room lighthouse, which showcases period furniture and offers a chance to see what life was like for the families of 19th century light keepers.